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Hair is the exoskeleton of the skin. Modern-day fashion scenario and plain hygiene principles state that visible hair, anywhere below the shoulders is not acceptable.Can you imagine how much hair we then have to remove? This is where hair removal techniques come into the picture. Read on to know the several means and safest methods of hair removal.


Tips on How to Start a Hair Salon in Kenya

The following tips on how to start a hair salon in Kenya will be useful for any upcoming beautician who wants to own their own salon in future.

hair salon in Kenya

beauty products in Kenya

Finances Before attempting to start a salon business, see to it that you have enough finances to last through at least a year cause most business would take that much time before they start making profits. If you do not have enough savings in your bank, postpone the idea for a few more months to give yourself time to save money.Legalities for a Hair Salon in Kenya The next in the steps to opening a hair salon is to complete all the legalities. If there are some permits or licenses to be obtained, make sure that they are in place. Salon Structure and Services Before opening a hair salon in Kenya, plan in detail about the kind of services you would be providing. Plan on how many employees you would need, where the salon will be located, how much space would be required, what kind of equipments you would need, what will be the working hours, will the salon be open on weekends and the cost of services. Buying the Equipment for your hair salon When one makes a decision on starting a salon business she must procure the following equipment: Read More >

Waxing Pubic Hair Styles in Nairobi

Waxing Pubic Hair Styles

Waxing Pubic Hair Styles in Nairobi

Waxing is one of the ways of removing pubic hair which has become so much popular nowadays. We can blame the porn stars for the display they cause! But all in all, Kenyan women have not been left behind and they have been shaving their pubic hair secretly for some time now. With the emergence of the waxing of pubic hair that need expertise, they have no option rather to seek for these experts at the expense of coming out of their cocoons. Waxing pubic hair can mean all sorts of things, from cleaning up the sides to getting rid of it all. You need to be sure about the Salon to entrust it with your most precious parts of the body. The Salon has to be clean and also the operation less painful. Read More >

Why the Kenyan Pregnant Woman Should take care of her looks

Why the Kenyan Pregnant Woman Should take care of her looks

But why do marriages fail? This is one question we all want to understand so that we might avoid the pitfalls. One of the reason I know marriages fail is because of failure of us women to maintain that that attracted our man to us.

kenyan pregnant woman

kenyan pregnant woman

I heard of this Kenyan couple that is now broken up, the wife had very beautiful long black hair. The husband loved it. One day on returning from a trip, he met the wife having shaved her hair- the kind the call ‘jordan’ hairstyle. The husband got so hurt that he chased the wife from the home. The are still separated and the wife living with her parents. Only wishing the husband will get her back when her hair is finally fully grown. It is in regard to this story that I took time to research the information below. I think it is important for women to continue looking great to our men and also for ourselves including the pregnancy times. But as much as the Kenyan pregnant woman would want to look beautiful, there are a few things that one should know; Read More >

Best Natural Beauty Tips for Kenyan Women

natural beauty tips

Best Natural Beauty Tips

For a beautiful physical appearance, one should be physically, mentally as well as emotionally healthy. Here are some natural ways that will make you glow from within;

Four unbeatable Natural Beauty Tips


natural beauty tipsEat Right Eating a well balanced diet is very important in order to make your skin and hair look beautiful naturally. Include lots of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet. These foods contain large amounts of vitamins and minerals that are essential for healthy skin and hair. Some fruits and vegetables are rich in antioxidants that can protect the skin from any damage. You should drink at 8-10 glasses of water to flush out toxins from the body. Read More >