About Us

My name is Suzie; I am a thirty two years old beautiful woman living in Kenya. Since I was a young girl, I have always had a passion for beauty. If I remember well, my first set of toys was a beauty set. Everyone in my home became my model to try on either make up, braiding hair, nail painting and skin care. My passion for beauty has been insatiable ever since.

Why I want to talk about Beauty in Kenya

I am not a beauty guru but the truth of the matter is I am better today than I was yesterday. I strive everyday to look for information to stay up to date about developments in the Beauty Industry in Kenya and the world at large. Many are the times I have looked for information about beauty. I research a lot and I have been frustrated at times because of not getting information I am looking for especially regarding Kenyan Beauty Industry.

The Problem with Kenya Salons’ Websites

I visit websites for the Kenyan Salons that have tried to put up websites and absurd as it may sound, they do not have content! Most of the websites have very scanty information about where they are located and nothing that can tell me exactly what they are offering. Some thought that going online is transferring their brochures from hard copy to soft copy and posting them on their website. Static websites are not for this generation, even print media is a walking corpse. Sorry If I sound offensive but let me tell you the truth. People nowadays are looking for real time information to enable them make decisions on the move. It is for this regard that I thought of developing a site that would inform the Kenyan woman about what is happening in the beauty industry and the various options available for them to stay beautiful in Kenya.

Why Kenyan Women Lose their Men to other Women

It is every woman’s nightmare to get her man snatched from her by another woman. We naturally blame our men for being unfaithful but remember men love with their eyes while we love with our heart. But sometimes us women are to blame because we forgot to maintain that beautiful look that attracted our men to us. It is therefore necessary to keep ourselves beautiful; including when we are pregnant!

What I am offering you

This is a place where you will get information on how you can stay beautiful in Kenya. I will give you in depth information about Beauty products, Beauty treatment, Cosmetics, Beauty salons, Skin care, Nutrition tips to retain you beautiful look. This site is specifically customized for a Kenyan woman looking for ways on how to retain or improve her beauty. I hope to interact with you a lot. Kindly make yourself heard by asking questions and giving suggestions and feedback. Let’s grow beautifully together. Visit my Blog to see my most recent posts.

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