Why the Kenyan Pregnant Woman Should take care of her looks

Why the Kenyan Pregnant Woman Should take care of her looks

But why do marriages fail? This is one question we all want to understand so that we might avoid the pitfalls. One of the reason I know marriages fail is because of failure of us women to maintain that that attracted our man to us.

kenyan pregnant woman

kenyan pregnant woman

I heard of this Kenyan couple that is now broken up, the wife had very beautiful long black hair. The husband loved it. One day on returning from a trip, he met the wife having shaved her hair- the kind the call ‘jordan’ hairstyle. The husband got so hurt that he chased the wife from the home. The are still separated and the wife living with her parents. Only wishing the husband will get her back when her hair is finally fully grown. It is in regard to this story that I took time to research the information below. I think it is important for women to continue looking great to our men and also for ourselves including the pregnancy times. But as much as the Kenyan pregnant woman would want to look beautiful, there are a few things that one should know;

Beauty products the Kenyan pregnant woman should avoid

During pregnancy one should be careful while using cosmetics and beauty care products containing chemicals that might harm your baby in different ways. Even though the cosmetics could be safe on a normal female but the chemicals might have negative side effects on a pregnancy. The chemicals contained in creams, lotions and shampoos show gradual effects that become evident in the long run. The side effects associated with usage of beauty products might not be experienced immediately and thus one continues to use skin care products that will hamper growth of you baby. One such product is acutane, a key ingredient of acne creams that causes birth defects in the baby. The following products should be avoided under all circumstances by a pregnant.

1Retinol creams Skin care products containing retinoid affect the health of an unborn child. The effects are fairly severe if expecting moms are exposed to oral retinoid. It can cause birth defects in a baby.

2. Paraben lotions-paraben is added as preservative to a wide range of beauty products to protects bacterial, fungal and mold growth on creams, shampoos, sunscreens, astringents and different types of body lotions. Paraben is not safe as it causes disruption in reproductive hormones.

3. Acetone/Alcoholic Removers While performing pedicures and manicures, extensive use of stain removers and alcoholic cleansers is a common practice. Nail paint removers contain acetone and ethanol that release fumes when used. These fumes, when inhaled by expecting mothers, can affect development of fetus.

Other Products that the Kenyan Pregnant woman should churn

There are many more products that are harmful during pregnancy. Phthalate and dibutyl phthalate are present in nail polishes, hair removing lotions, deodorants, body sprays, etc. Phthalates when absorbed by body also hamper fetal growth. It’s suggested not to change beauty products frequently as your skin gets suited to the specific types of ingredients present in the product. Final say for the Kenyan pregnant woman; stay beautiful but be careful on the beauty products you are using.


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