Waxing Pubic Hair Styles in Nairobi

Waxing Pubic Hair Styles

Waxing Pubic Hair Styles in Nairobi

Waxing is one of the ways of removing pubic hair which has become so much popular nowadays. We can blame the porn stars for the display they cause! But all in all, Kenyan women have not been left behind and they have been shaving their pubic hair secretly for some time now. With the emergence of the waxing of pubic hair that need expertise, they have no option rather to seek for these experts at the expense of coming out of their cocoons. Waxing pubic hair can mean all sorts of things, from cleaning up the sides to getting rid of it all. You need to be sure about the Salon to entrust it with your most precious parts of the body. The Salon has to be clean and also the operation less painful.

Waxing Pubic hair Styles in Nairobi

There are various styles to choose from. Some prefer that their pubic hair be shaved completely. Whether you want a little or all of it off, there are many bikini styles to choose from. A regular, full, French and Brazilian bikini waxes are some of the most popular and commonly named styles to choose from.

i. Brazilian Tips A Brazilian wax takes off almost all hair from the back and the front, sometimes leaving a small strip or triangle. If you dare to get this type of bikini wax, you need to get it done professionally. Because it’s a special waxing, there are certain things you should do before and after to care for your Brazilian bikini.

ii. Men’s Bikini and Brazilian Wax Women aren’t the only ones waxing their pubic hair; men are getting hairless beneath the boxers. Women nowadays prefer bare and smooth skins as opposed to the traditional bushy ones. Reluctantly, men have to follow the preferences of the ladies to remain fashionable. The guys are a bit newer in entering the waxing world, especially in the bikini area. So there are some things you (man) should know about how to prepare (and expect) from your first hair removal experience.

Find a Clean Salon in Nairobi

I know some will shy off when they imagine exposing their private region for a shave. But hair removal has to be done by a professional if you can’t do it yourself. Opting for a professional to do the job of waxing your bikini doesn’t come without possible issues. You want to make sure the salon and the technician you go to is keeping it clean, to protect you from getting an infection, or worse, a disease.

Curb Pain Waxing Pubic Hair in Nairobi

Let’s face it, waxing the bikini area is a very sensitive zone and doesn’t come without some measure of discomfort (read: pain). Fortunately, there are simple steps you can do to take the ouch factor down a couple notches like taking a warm shower right before your waxing, and using a numbing spray. A warm shower before the operation helps to open the pores of the skin and soften hair follicles, making it easy for you to remove hairs from the root. Removing pubic hair following a bath also prevents the growth of ingrown hair, a problem women frequently encounter when shaving pubic hair.

Waxing Pubic hair- the Bikini

Any technician who knows what they are doing waxing a bikini line uses hard wax because it’s perfect for coarse hair. If you want to save some money, we have good news. You can get hard wax at your local beauty supply store, and better yet, we have the directions on how you can wax your bikini line right at home. Waxing Pubic hair in Nairobi can be easy for you. Contact me on admin@hairstylekenya.com. I will help you out with information about a clean Salon in Nairobi where you can get your pubic hair waxed.


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