Tips on How to Start a Hair Salon in Kenya

The following tips on how to start a hair salon in Kenya will be useful for any upcoming beautician who wants to own their own salon in future.

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Finances Before attempting to start a salon business, see to it that you have enough finances to last through at least a year cause most business would take that much time before they start making profits. If you do not have enough savings in your bank, postpone the idea for a few more months to give yourself time to save money.Legalities for a Hair Salon in Kenya The next in the steps to opening a hair salon is to complete all the legalities. If there are some permits or licenses to be obtained, make sure that they are in place. Salon Structure and Services Before opening a hair salon in Kenya, plan in detail about the kind of services you would be providing. Plan on how many employees you would need, where the salon will be located, how much space would be required, what kind of equipments you would need, what will be the working hours, will the salon be open on weekends and the cost of services. Buying the Equipment for your hair salon When one makes a decision on starting a salon business she must procure the following equipment:

  • Barber chairs
  • Carts and trolleys for storing tools and cosmetics
  • Hair styling station which includes a mirror, tool holders, storage drawers and an electrical outlet
  • Hair styling tools such as blow dryers, curlers etc.
  • Scissors and hair clippers
  • Water sprayers
  • Hair brushes, combs
  • Mixing bowls
  • Other supplies and materials such as hair clips, aprons, hand held mirrors, towels, gloves, etc.
  • Hair care products like shampoos, hair dyes, conditioners, hair colors, etc.
  • Magazines for the entertainment of the clients
  • Posters to decorate the salon

Hiring Employees for a hair salon in Kenya

One should look for trained and experienced employees. Besides the hairdressers should have social skills to enable them interact with customers and keep them satisfied. Advertisement For a start up hair salon business to make profits, it should be well advertised so that the target customers know about it. For such a business, the best advertisement is the salon’s goodwill among the customers. “Word of mouth” is the best form of advertisement for any salon. The two most important things that will ensure repeat business and loyal customers for you are the kind of services you provide as well as the location of your salon. So, make sure that the salon is reachable and the services you provide surpass those of your competitors. Starting and running a hair salon could be a profitable business move, but along with that you would also have to invest on the essential equipment for a hair salon, supplies and furniture to ensure that you have everything you will need for a clients’ needs. While deciding on the type of equipment to procure, consider the number of clients you want to attend at a time and the personnel you are hiring.

Hair Salon Equipment List for Beginners

Here is a hair salon equipment and furniture list of all the essential supplies that would be required. Hair Salon Furniture Equipment Hair styling chairs/Barber chairs: This is the most basic hair salon furniture equipment that you will require for your hair salon. Choose one which is comfortable, durable and easy to operate. Hair styling station: A hair styling station is another important piece of furniture that you will require in your hair salon. It should include a mirror, storage drawers, tool compartments or tool holders and an electrical outlet. Carts and trolleys: these will enable easy storage and portability of the hairdressing equipment.

Supplies for a hair salon in Kenya

Shampoo bowls: A shampoo bowl is a sink that can be used conveniently for hair treatments, hair washing and hair conditioning. It comes with a pump peddle that can be used to elevate or lower the level of the bowl and a drain system.

Hair brushes, combs: Make sure you equip your hair salon with all the different types of combs and hairbrushes like the round brush, square brush, wide-toothed comb, tail-end comb, etc.

Scissors and hair clippers: Equip your hair salon with the various hair clippers, hair clipper blades and hair scissors. You can ask your hairstylists for suggestions and recommendations on the types of scissors and clippers that they would like to use.

Hair styling tools: You should equip your hair salon with the latest blow dryers, diffusers, curlers and multi-styling kits to keep up with the different hair styling demands of your customers.

Other Supplies for a hair salon in Kenya

These includes; hair clips, mixing bowls, aprons, water sprayers, applicator brushes, paper towels, hand held mirrors, geyser and rubber or plastic gloves. For more information about starting and sustaining a hair salon in Kenya, Nairobi write to us on and we will be glad to assist.


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